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As you arrive in Civrac from St. Fort, the little lane on the right just before our property leads to our local wine grower, Jean-Paul Mounier. On the land behind the pool our neighbour makes and sells excellent wine, harvested from his acres of vines covering Civrac. He has a wine store next door where you can taste his wines before you buy. He can offer red, white and rose wines plus Pineau de Charente (the local port-like aperitif), and the most delicious sparkling rose and sparkling white wines …as good as any Champagne … but a fraction of the price ! His wines are all very inexpensive and can be bought in bottles or boxes with taps, also straight into your own container if you wish. He also sells honey from his parents’ hives.

Apart from our next door neighbour, there are lots of Charentais wine tasting opportunities close by. Blaye and Bourg are well known wine growing areas just a short distance away with an abundance of opportunities to taste and purchase local Bordeaux wines. Further on to St. Emilion, Libourne and Bordeaux, you will be travelling through the vinefields of many famous wine names. Another good trip is to cross the River Gironde on the car-ferry at Blaye to the world reknowned vineyards of Margaux, Rothchild, Pauillac and St. Estephe etc on the Medoc. There are some great chateaux to visit here. You can then return to Civrac on the car ferry which crosses from the Point de Grave across the mouth of the Estuary to Royan