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The city itself boasts an air of 18th century elegance with its neoclassical architecture, wide avenues, and attractive public squares and parks. The principal shopping area is the pedestrianised Rue St. Catherine. Check out the Galerie Bordelaise, a 19th century shopping arcade and the contempory art gallery or wander through the oasis of calm that is the Place Gambetta or the wonderfully landscaped Jardin Public. A large area of ancient warehouses alongside the Garonne river have been converted to restaurants, bars and outlet shops. You can now walk for miles along the river bank. A must see is the new impressive Musee du Vin …the very modern wine museum on the banks of the river. There’s a cafe, bar and restaurant inside with all round panoramic views of the city. There are various Park and Ride car parks on the way into the city with tram tickets included in the very inexpensive parking charge. The city is an hour by car from Civrac should you choose to drive into the Centre.